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I'm running a Lino printmaking workshop for  
Warfield Arts Week 2023

This 3 hour workshop will cover some of the basics of lino printmaking from carving the design, ink application, pressure and simple registration techniques. In this playful course, I’ll  outline the diversity and serendipity of lino printmaking, showing the difference between reduction lino, and using multiple blocks, before we experiment with the process, which I am hoping will get you hooked. You’ll also be provided with a list of suppliers for materials, tools and local print rooms with courses to further your lino love!

Feel free to bring an image or two with you for inspiration, anything from flowers to a cat!

I’ll have some to hand if you need.


In the workshop we will use:

Marker pens, tracing paper/carbon paper, 2-3 small 7.5cm square linos, sharp lino carving tools bench hooks, ink roller/brayer, caligo safe wash inks, a printing press and barren, printmaking papers, registration pins and tabs.

And of course Latex gloves for inking up! 


You will come away with: 


Around 5 A5 high-quality prints, which will continue to dry at home. 

Please bring something suitable for transporting these home; lino ink is a little messy so please wear old clothes!

Wednesday 25th October, 6-9pm, 8 places
Tickets available from 1st October via Warfield Arts week website, see below
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