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Screen print 'Summer Leaves' , 1/3 Variable Edition hand embelished with Gold Leaf. Unframed and printed on smooth bread and butter 170gsm paper. 


Each print is unique and hand  printed in Ochre print studio in Guildford  by the artist.  The work is editioned and signed before being packaged and posted in an A2 postal tube. 


The screen printing process: 


A screen mesh is coated with a photosensitive emulsion and an image or object’s silhouette can be exposed with UV light on a vacuum bed.  Once the stencil has been washed and dried, inks can be mixed and pushed through the stencil using a vacuum screen printing bed and squeegee. Each image in an individual screen and different stencils can be printed over each other. Adhesive can be printed and then embellished with gold leaf. 


A Variable Edition print will have slight changes in colour, arrangement of overlapping screens or may be individually enhanced with gold leaf across the whole edition.  An edition is the total number of prints made before the screens were re-claimed. Inks are all mixed by hand in various colour combinations and printed on professional printmaking papers.



Golden Summer Leaves , Hand embellished Screen Print

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