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Using a traditional process first started in the 1500’s this hand printed method while time consuming produces some delicate and striking pieces. 


Firstly the plate is cut to size and the edges are bevelled and the plate is degreased with chalk and ammonia or more environmentally friendly an alkaline degreasing powder.  A wax ground is applied to a copper plate.  This can be scratched into with an etching needle, when the plate is submerged in ferric chloride acid the lines drawn will be etched.   When the plate is cleaned and the ground removed, it can be heated and inked up, ink is forced into the etched  lines.  This is then printed on damp specialist paper using a mangle or hydraulic printing press before being stored flat and dried under tissue paper and weighted boards.


A Variable Edition print will have slight changes in colour, An edition is the total number of prints made. Inks are all mixed by hand in various colour combinations,  likewise etching plates are  inking up and the process of using scrim to remove the ink means that each print is unique  even identical editions can have slight variations.  These etchings are printed on professional printmaking papers - Fabriano.

Luna -Silver, Limited edition print 5/20

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